Measurement & Analytics

We use a wide range of measurement and analytic approaches to create valuable insights about workplace opportunities, strategies and solutions. Analysis from multiple perspectives help to ensure that workplace initiatives have a clear value proposition that will drive improvements in human capital metrics, efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings.

Example services include:

  • Employee work profiling
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Organizational readiness assessment
  • Productivity and satisfaction “drivers”
  • Occupancy  and utilization analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Workforce analysis

Example Client Applications Are Below

Work Styles

A Work Profile Survey identified five distinct Work Styles within the workforce population, each having characteristic workspace requirements and suitability levels for flexible work

Portfolio Analysis

Frontier analysis across global field offices identified the most productive locations and determined the optimal efficiency levels to achieve through a field office renovation effort

Vacancy Analysis

An integrated analysis of portfolio and occupant data for an organization determined a 30% “shadow” vacancy rate across a metro-area portfolio

Occupancy Analysis

Badge data analysis determined that 65% of employees badge into their assigned building on the average day, and identified the most mobile groups that demonstrate the greatest “readiness” for workplace […]

Utilization Analysis

Utilization analysis of existing spaces was used to determine the optimal specifications for future collaborative task settings, which included room size, type of technology, nature of enclosure, and assignment

Readiness for Change

A “VOC” effort assessed management readiness for a radically new workspace design concept, and used results to plan targeted implementation approaches and change management strategies

Productivity Drivers

An analysis of productivity drivers identified the six aspects of the workplace environment that, if improved, will have the greatest positive impact on employee productivity

Attraction and Retention

Research on millennial generation employees and interns identified what aspects of the work environment and work arrangement offerings play a significant role in attracting and retaining the next generation of […]

Work Arrangement Preferences

A workplace survey identified that 57% of employees prefer non-dedicated work arrangements associated with commute mitigation, and 96% of the employees desire some degree of work from home

Population Exploration

An analysis of global employee population identified locations of residential concentration for possible drop-in centers, and the extent to which existing managers and employees are distributed/remote from their teams