Strategy & Planning

We help clients create innovative, people-focused workplace strategies and plans that have quantifiable business value and are optimized for success. A solid foundation of actionable information and data-based recommendations creates the conditions for making informed workplace decisions and choices, and laying the foundation for successful change management.

Services include:

  • Alternative workplace strategies
  • Scenario planning and evaluation
  • Business case modeling and cost/benefit analysis
  • Change management planning/transformation roadmap

Example Client Applications Are Below

Global Field Office Strategy

Created an optimized network of field office environments where sales teams, customers, and partners could collaborate to develop and deliver solution, including an investment/ disinvestment plan to support the global […]

Consolidation Planning

Multiple data streams were integrated to create a metro area consolidation plan that decreased the vacancy rate by 25%, optimized organizational adjacencies,  and saved $17 million in annual real estate […]

Business Case Development

Created a business case for the expansion of flexible workplace strategies by quantifying the financial value of the positive impacts on employee voluntary turnover, work performance and employee engagement in […]

Network of Places Strategy

Drawing on employee mobility patterns, created a “network of places” strategy that incorporated flexible workplace arrangements and alternative company- and non-company-provided workplaces

Transformation Plan

Created a standardized and efficient work flow process for the global roll-out of an alternative workplace strategy, including the methods, tools, and resources for implementing the new workplace standard, with […]