Implementation & Evaluation

We facilitate the successful transition to more flexible, mobile and distributed ways of working by integrating human resources, technology and workplace perspectives. Services focus on building acceptance and adoption of new workplace programs, quantifying impacts and business value, and driving continuous improvement over time.

Services include:

  • Telework suitability
  • Manager and participant “toolkits”
  • Impact analysis and linkage research
  • “Balanced Scorecard” program
  • ROI and cost/benefit analysis
  • Workplace program globalization/scalability

Example Client Applications Are Below

Productivity Gains

A new collaborative environment resulted in a 10 minute net productivity gain per person per day due to less time spent waiting for information from others, waiting for decisions from […]

Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard was developed to manage implementation of a new flexible workplace program, and was successful in not only achieving 78% of targets in the first year, but also […]

Continuous Improvement

A workplace survey found that only 47% of employees were satisfied with a new global workplace standard; by using the survey as part of an overall continuous improvement process, a […]

Program Evaluation

A work-from-home program evaluation found that participants work an additional 1.8 hours/week (90 hours/year), are 54% more productive at home, and are 24% more satisfied

Return on Investment

A drop-in center program quantified $3.2 M in program benefits from additional work time and productivity working undisturbed, exceeding program investments and expenses, and resulting in a 79% annual return […]

Suitability Analysis

Created a comprehensive suitability assessment and feedback system, designed to help  informed decisions regarding organizational readiness, workspace implications, and program participation on the part of individuals and teams