Our Experience

Iometrics’ solutions draw on approaches that have a history of success.   Our library of case studies, white papers, and publications describe how our approaches have resulted in successful outcomes for our clients.

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Case Study Library

• Workplace Change Readiness
• Using Human Capital Metrics to Create a Balanced Business Case for Workplace Change
• Managing Successful Workplace Change
• Assessing Employee Suitability for Alternative Workplace Arrangements
• Data-Based Adjacency and Relocation Decisions
• Workforce Segmentation using Work Profiles
• Balanced Business Case: Using Human Capital Metrics to Drive Workplace Change
• Building Workforce Intelligence through Work Profiling
• Using Workplace Surveys As A Program Improvement Tool
• Drop-in Centers as Part of a Flexible Workplace Strategy An ROI Analysis
• Work-From-Home Pilot Evaluation: Demonstrating the Benefits
• Building a Compelling Workplace Business Case Using Human Capital Metrics
• Using Predictive Analytics to Quantify the Benefits of Flexible Work Practices
• Data-Based Design Concept for a Next-Gen Workplace
• Taking an Educated Approach to Portfolio Consolidation
• Balanced Scorecard for Managing a Flexible Workplace Program
• eBay’s Evolving Environment
• Distributed Work: Using Data To Drive Business-Focused Decision Making