Successful workplace transformation can deliver business value through an improved employee experience.  We help you make the transition to more collaborative, flexible and distributed workplace strategies by developing a roadmap for employee and management readiness, acceptance and experience.  Our services focus on enabling the organization to drive sustainable change and supporting continuous improvement over time.


Transformation Roadmap

Workplace Transformation Playbook

Manager and Employee “Toolkits”

Employee Suitability Assessment

Change Readiness Assessment


Program Management Scorecard

Flex-Work Policy & Program Definition

How we can help

Building readiness for workplace change across employee groups

Are your managers or employees ready for change?

Our Change Readiness Assessment will profile any perceived barriers to change within your organizational groups, and highlight the actions needed to build acceptance and keep your transformation process on track. 

Workplace transformation roadmap 

Do you have a roadmap for successful workplace transformation? 

Our Workplace Transformation Roadmap aligns the workplace change process to your particular workplace strategy and type of change, so all of the communications, engagement and learning activities are tailored to your particular needs and timing. 

Tools to implement a workplace change process

Are you prepared to deliver the workplace transformation process?

We empower our clients to deliver a sustainable change process.  Our Workplace Transformation Playbook outlines the process and activities to follow, while our Manager and Employee “Toolkits” give you the materials you will need to engage with the workforce.

Client applications

Productivity Gains

The transition of managers from private offices to co-location with their teams in an open plan resulted in a 10 minute net productivity gain per person per day.  Employees reported less time spent waiting for information and waiting for decisions from others; the productivity gains translated to 1 additional work week per person/year.

Program Evaluation

A work-from-home program evaluation found that participants worked an additional 1.8 hours/week (90 hours/year), were 54% more productive at home, and 24% more satisfied.

Telework Program

Developed a telework program in conjunction with an unassigned/flexible workplace strategy, which included policy, category options, suitability assessment, agreement templates, manager evaluation and a program evaluation scorecard.

Transformation Plan

Created a standardized and efficient work flow process for the global roll-out of an alternative workplace strategy, including the methods, tools, and resources for implementing the new workplace standard, with an emphasis on geographic localization.

Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard was developed to manage implementation of a new flexible workplace program, and was successful in not only achieving 78% of targets in the first year, but also institutionalizing the new standards globally.

Return on Investment

A drop-in center program quantified $3.2M in program benefits from additional productivity, exceeding program investments and expenses, and resulting in a 79% annual return on investment.

Workplace Program Definition

Employee Value Proposition research guided the definition of alternative work arrangements, policies and program offerings that were associated with up to 17% higher levels of employee satisfaction, productivity, work/non-work balance, and retention.

Readiness for Change

A “Voice of the customer” effort assessed management readiness for a radically new workspace design concept, and used results to plan targeted implementation approaches and change management strategies.

Continuous Improvement

A workplace survey found that only 47% of employees were satisfied with a new global workplace standard.  By using the survey as part of an overall continuous improvement process, a 76% satisfaction target was achieved over time.

Suitability Analysis

Created a comprehensive Suitability Assessment and feedback system, designed to help inform decisions regarding organizational readiness, workspace implications, and program participation on the part of individuals and teams.

Workplace Change Readiness

Administered a Readiness Assessment to identify "barriers to change" at different levels within the organization and to create an action plan for acceptance of new ways of working.

Workplace Transformation

Deployed a Workplace Transformation Playbook, Roadmap, and Toolkit across locations to align a global CRE organization around a consistent approach to successful workplace change.