Iometrics takes a people-focused and data-based approach to workplace innovation through integrated workplace strategy and transformational change.  We deliver the metrics and insights you need to create next generation workplace solutions that meet business needs and create great employee workplace experiences.  With our workplace surveys and analytic approaches, we promote collaborative workplace decision making that can result in more effective workplace and workforce change. 

We understand workplace change

Workplace change involves many questions, options, choices and decisions.  We understand the kinds of issues you are facing and what it takes to implement successful transformation.  Our ability to quantify the human impact of workplace solutions and model future workplace requirements help you make better workplace decisions that deliver business value through an enhanced workplace experience.

Better decisions lead to better results

What can you expect to achieve through workplace transformation?  Our emphasis on quantifying the impact of workplace programs has helped our clients demonstrate the strategic business value and significant employee benefits that their workplace solutions deliver.



How we can help

We create innovative workplace solutions using an integrated approach to workplace strategy, data-based decision support and people-focused workplace change.

Strategy compass

Workplace Strategy & Planning

We create integrated workplace solutions that  incorporate employee experience and technology enablers, resulting in a balanced business case for workplace change.

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data and analytics  graphs

Workplace Metrics & Analytics

Our workplace surveys and analytics inform you at all phases:  from inspiring your strategy and shaping your design to facilitating change and evaluating the impacts of your workplace solution.

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People, space and technology integration

Workplace Change

We help you make the transition to more collaborative, flexible and distributed ways of working by developing a roadmap for employee and management readiness, acceptance and experience.

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How we do it

At Iometrics, we put people at the center of workplace decision making.  Our approaches help you navigate all the decisions associated with workplace strategy innovation and transformation, and deliver solutions that demonstrate positive impact.   

People-focused and data-based approach

Our Approach

Our people-focused and data-based approach sets us apart, and is key to the successful outcomes we deliver to our clients.

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Project summaries

Our Projects

For over 20 years we have been providing our clients with the business intelligence they need to solve business problems, create workplace innovation and create positive impact.

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Experience-based knowledge and creativity

Insights & Case Studies

Our library of case studies, white papers, and publications describe how our work has resulted in positive outcomes for our clients.

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Want to learn more?

What new things are we doing at Iometrics?

What's New?

We are always working on new ideas and approaches to improve the value we deliver to our clients.  

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About Iometrics and our team

About Us

With a background in Organizational Psychology, we create data-based workplace solutions that address business and workforce needs,

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Contact Iometrics

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you.  Please contact us for more information or to discuss how we can help.

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