Our approach is key to the successful outcomes we deliver to our clients. With advanced analytic approaches that integrate employee and workplace data, we are transforming how workplace decisions are made across all phases of a project from strategy and planning to design and transformation.  Our methods create the intelligence and insights you need to inform next-generation workplace strategies and understand the human capital impacts of workplace choices.

Our workplace strategy

People-centered workplace strategy, design and change

We put people at the center of workplace decision making

Our background in Organizational Psychology gives us a unique perspective on the employee workplace experience.  Inspired by the intersection of space, technology, and human resources, we create integrated workplace solutions that deliver business value through an improved employee experience. 

Our unique emphasis on quantifying the human capital impact of workplace programs helps demonstrate the business value of workplace choices on outcomes such as employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Workplace insights and innovation

Our workplace research drives insights and innovation

Our emphasis on survey research, measurement and analytics has created a solid foundation of intelligence that we use to solve business issues.  Our experience across hundreds of workplace projects and over 300,000 workplace surveys create valuable insights into the key drivers for successful workplace solutions.  

We are continuously engaging in applied research to find new and innovative solutions to our clients’ critical business issues.  The insights we generate lead to continuous improvement in our thinking, methods, and service offerings, and ultimately enable us to add greater value to our clients.

Future-focused workplace direction

We are present-aware but future-focused

Knowing where you are now is useful for understanding your current situation.  But, just understanding your present won't necessarily tell you where you need to go and how you're going to get there.  We apply data analytics to not only understand your current context but to help you envision your future.  We help you explore the impact of possible workplace solutions for your future ways of working, as well as your future workforce characteristics and organization culture.   

By aligning workplace strategies with current and future business objectives we help create a compelling business case for change, while demonstrating how workplace decisions can create future business value.