We help clients innovate with workplace strategy by integrating across real estate, technology and human resources.  Our methods and tools create the type of business intelligence you need to plan and implement “next generation” workplace solutions that include the change to more collaborative, flexible, distributed and activity-based strategies.  Our strategy process helps you make informed workplace decisions and choices, and lay the foundation for successful change management.  


Strategic Choice Process

Scenario Planning and Evaluation

Workspace Typology and Allocation

Scenario Planning and Evaluation

Data-Based Strategic Design Concept

Balanced Business Case

How we can help

Decision support for workplace strategy options and choices

Do you know your options for creating an optimized workplace strategy?

Our Strategic Choice Process will help you uncover workplace strategy options that address your business and workforce goals, consistent with your desired degree of workplace innovation and change.  

Balanced business case data for workplace change

Do you want to create a compelling case for workplace change?

Our Balanced Business Case approach profiles the expected impact of your workplace strategy on business, work, employee, and real estate objectives, providing a compelling rationale for workplace change.   

Modelling future workspace needs to match future workforce needs

Do you know the optimal allocation of work spaces for your workforce?

New workplace strategies may require different types of spaces as well as flexible seating ratios.  Our Workspace Typology and Allocation process models your space requirements using current and future employee work patterns to inform your planning.

Client applications

Global Field Office Strategy

Created an optimized network of field office environments where sales teams, customers, and partners could collaborate to develop and deliver solution, including an investment/ disinvestment plan to support the global implementation.

Network of Places Strategy

Drawing on employee mobility patterns, we created a “network of places” strategy that incorporated flexible workplace arrangements and alternative company- and non-company-provided workplaces.

Scenario Evaluation

Identified three alternative workplace strategies that supported business goals, and conducted cost/benefit analysis to identify the strategy that optimized across short- and long-term organizational goals the best.

Consolidation Planning

Multiple data streams were integrated to create a metro area consolidation plan that decreased the vacancy rate by 25%, optimized organizational adjacencies, and saved $17 million in annual real estate costs.

Strategic Design Concept

Developed a data-based workplace typology that included specific task setting allocations for a new engineering campus.  Design concept and space planning was accomplished in less than half the time for a traditional planning project.

Brand Alignment

Created a strategy that used the workplace as a critical tool in brand evolution and culture change.  Workplace features, choices and policies were selected to reinforce brand strategy and values.

Business Case Development

Created a business case for the expansion of flexible workplace strategies by quantifying the financial value of workplace impacts on employee voluntary turnover, work performance and employee engagement in order to offset the cost of program investments.

Task Setting Allocation

We created a data-based space allocation using our Work Profile Survey that indicated the need for more than double the allocation of collaborative spaces, and provided guidance on the mix of space sizes and formality.

Workplace Innovation

Evaluated workplace strategies for a corporate campus along a continuum of scenario options.  Aligned efforts across CRE, IT and HR functions to create innovative solutions that addressed changing business needs including cultural transformation.